Welcome to jeremysjacob.com!

I’ve had this site up for a couple years now, but I’ve never been able to put it to good use. But that changes today!

First, I hope this site will help me better consolidate my online identity. In this day and age of growing social media and interconnectedness, establishing an online identity and brand will only grow in importance in the coming years. So it will be a place to log my achievements (and failures), chronicle my adventures, and connect with others.

Secondly, I hope that this will also be a medium where I can provide commentary on what I find interesting/fascinating/troubling/etc. in the world around me. I’ve been a faithful follower of many bloggers for many years, but have never thought I could actually do it myself. To that end, I also hope it provides a way for me to better articulate and keep track of my thoughts as they occur. My ultimate goal is that this becomes a repository and (subsequently a testing ground) for the random fleeting thoughts and ideas that pop in and out of my head throughout the day.

Comments or questions? Send them to me @jeremysjacob